“Swarming Tokyo”

Visiting Tokyo may forever feel like a vertiginous enterprise. The list of places to discover just gets longer, the more you start traveling within this vast, high density and bustling urban fabric. You will most likely always be left with an insatiable feeling there is still so much to be discovered.

In response, MIRU — to see in Japanese — is a collaborative augmented tool destined to help us all locate singular places in Tokyo presenting architectural, landscape or urban qualities.

東京をすべて見てまわりたいと思っても、途方に暮れてしまいます。忙しく、密度の高いこの都市を歩けば歩くほど、 発見する場所が増えていくためです。いつまで経っても、まだ見るところがある気がしてなりません。


MIRU, the app

MIRU offers you a variety of informational and educational filters to uncover Tokyo’s architectural and urban environment. This mobile platform will accompany you wherever you wander in the city, keeping you alert on the architectural and urban environment you are passing through. Vouched by our team of experts and or by the active community on MIRU’s platform you will definitely be one step closer to unraveling Tokyo’s built fabric.

Currently MIRU app is under development and is scheduled to be released in Summer 2016, on Android and iOS.

Join us very soon on our first tour in the area of Daikanyama




Getting to know the city

Before your arrival in Tokyo, MIRU app appears to be like a traditional search engine, delivering you the information that you seek on the architecture, landscape and urban scapes of the city thanks to the numerous filters used in its data base. But once in Tokyo, MIRU is designed to send you notifications of places of interest around you. From now on you will never miss out on things to see!



Forming a community

MIRU can only be at its best if the gathered information is constantly updated and completed. Anyone using MIRU indirectly also creates its content. Whether you are a common pedestrian, a citizen of Tokyo, a visiting foreigner, or related in any way to the urban field or architecture,  you can add new buildings, review registered places or saved them as favorites in Tokyo.

MIRU brings a visiting and a visited community together on a “common map”.



Curated tours

MIRU is not just about providing you the location of places of interests in Tokyo. Our MIRU team will also deliver you unique itineraries around its neighborhoods. Every month, a thematic walk will be imagined by a relevant professional willing to share with us their experiences and singular perspectives on the city. Let’s experience Tokyo through their eyes!


MIRU launch

Winter 2015 / 2015年冬
Website launch / ウェブサイト公開
The community opens / コミュニティ機能を公開

Spring 2016 / 2016年春
First tour, in Daikanyama / 第一回MIRU建築ツアー:代官山

Summer 2016 / 2016年夏
Application launch with 500 places of interest in Tokyo / アプリ公開:東京の建築名所500箇所
Curated walking tours / MIRU建築ツアー

Winter 2016 / 2016年冬
(forecasted application growth) /(アプリの今後の予測)
Six curated tours – added monthly / 6つのMIRU建築ルート案内(毎月更新)
Even more contributions of the MIRU community enriching the data base of places and tours

“Architecture geeks of Tokyo, unite! MIRU is here”

Time Out Tokyo