At its core, the MIRU team is composed by four architects and an expert in communication:

Thekla Boven
Born in a culturally diverse Belgian family, lives in Tokyo for more than four years. She is currently conducting a PhD research on the revitalization of declining rural areas of Japan. Despite her interest for the countryside, Thekla remains an urbaner who is deeply fascinated by the energy of Tokyo.

Jonathan Bruter
is an architect and a landscape designer. In 2008 the French Ministry of Culture awarded him the prize for architects under 35 (NAJAP). Since he founded the Studio Lānod in 2013 and began a doctoral research on the practices of architects and landscapers facing the ecological transition.

Marie-Liesse de Rougé
is a French architect. Her professional experiences are qualified by sensitivity to heritage issues in contemporary architecture. After worked in several international architecture studios in France and in Japan, Marie-Liesse is now working in the Studio Lānod.

Andreas Kofler
is an architect, urbanist and freelance writer. Originally from Italy’s German-speaking province of South Tyrol, he graduated from the Technical University of Vienna in 2005. Since then, he has worked for numerous offices: STAR, TD, OMA/AMO, l’AUC and DPA, before cofounding Weltgebraus in 2013.

Raul Montero
Has more than 15 years experience in the fields of international cooperation, communication, and information technology. Throughout his career, he developed and implemented communications and Internet projects as well as facilitated cooperation networks.

Two designers and software developers, Jean and Fanny Lorchar, a japanese IT consultant Yutaka Hashizume and the photographer Diego Rojas are supporting the conceptual phase, while several others are guiding us through the various background processes.