Kengo Kuma’s office KKAA has released a downloadable architecture map of Tokyo, which sums up and localises 43 of his projects. The small guide both features well-known buildings in central Tokyo – such as the Ginza Kabukiza (13), Sunny Hills (27) or the Akagi Jinja Shrine (33) – as well as some in the city’s immediate outskirts. Soon to be added: obviously Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic stadium.

KKAA Tokyo map 2015

Speaking of a “Kumaland” may appear kind of exaggerated… but, aficionados of the architect could in theory immerse themselves for several consecutive days in a fully Kuma-branded world that provides for all kind of activities, such as Udon slurping, university lectures listening, health care, buying sweets, make groceries, stroll through a shopping center or rather a museum, have a fancy dinner, visit a shrine and a temple, have some sushi or yakitori, buy jewelry, try a slice of (free) pineapple cake, go to the theatre, choosing tea or have a coffee, shop in various stores and even sleep at a hotel designed by Kuma.

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